Sunday, July 14, 2013

See Ya, Summer School

Summer might have officially begun just three weeks ago. However, tonight I feel a bit of accomplishment, and a bit change on the horizon. You see, today I finished up my last assignment for classes this summer. To earn my degree, a Master of Arts in Professional Communication from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, I am now just one class (Integrated Marketing Communication) and one project (working title: Legends) away. 

Especially working on this degree, I feel a bit like that old Johnny Cash song One Piece at a Time. Johnny's words go a little something like this:

One day I devised myself a planThat should be the envy of most any manI'd sneak it out of there in a lunchbox in my handNow gettin' caught meant gettin' firedBut I figured I'd have it all by the time I retiredI'd have me a car worth at least a hundred grand
Now when I graduate I'm pretty sure I won't be driving down Main in a long and black Cadillac. But it just might have something worth a hundred grand, just the same. I guess this is where I should give a shout-out to Westminster College and the Director Deb Vickery for putting together a great program for athletes to both study and compete at the highest levels. 
Roll on, Mighty Colorado, Roll on.

People and programs like this - or Amory Rowe and In The Arena - are some of the people behind the scenes who put in so much passion and work to help people put themselves in a position to succeed. 
Talking about success and sport, I like to check in from time to time with Team In The Arena. Today I see Kristin Hedstrom picked up second at this weekend's World Cup in Lucerne, Switzerland. Bonne Chapeau.
For all the ITA skiers, we have a few months before the racing season starts. Though for me the skiing stoke is soon going a little higher. With school out, I'm heading up to Bozeman, Montana to meet up with my ski club, Bridger Ski Foundation. From there, we'll head up to Canmore, Alberta for a training camp in Canmore, Alberta - an annual tradition.

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