Monday, June 17, 2013

Stars are Projectors

Summer feels like it is here. The rollerskis see plenty of use. The dirt's felt a few footsteps. But every once in a while, I dream. I dream of the next time I can get on the real white stuff. With the snow pack leaving the Cascades so fast this year, I wasn't able to make it onto the ski trails or for the early morning crust cruises above Bend like season's past. That's alright, though. The longform human engine building feels like it's right on track. And when I get back into these hills below the Dachstein Glacier, it will be that much more special.

With school easing up a bit and no late-spring ski trip in the plans, I am sure a rogue visit to the slot canyons in Utah will soon be calling for a southern excursion.

An image from last year's trip into Emery County's Black Hole. 

Before that, though, I will be heading back to Washington for five days. I have a directed study assignment for class, one that a Washington business wanted me back for so bad they had no problem flying me to the home stomping grounds to act as an "outside communication expert." It wasn't hard to say yes to this request. With Mr. Peck retiring from Osborn Elementary, I also look to meet up with a teacher or two and see if continuing the In The Arena work in their classrooms will make for a perfect fit. First on the list to visit is Carl Haberberger. I grew up with Carl in Leavenworth. These days, he's teaching at Orchard Middle School - which I believe is where my ITA and USST Alumni  teammate Laura Valaas once put in four years of learning.

Carl's also a coach at the local high school, Wenatchee High. I don't think I'd have much expertise to offer the running backs of the varsity football team this fall, but volunteering to help with the track team could be interesting. Here's Mr. Haberberger with Isaiah Brandt-Sims, the fastest high schooler in Washington two years running.

Next time I'm sure to update you on trip back to the Pacific Northwest.

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