Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bend Camp 2010: Fire & Ice

The Fire and Ice Ski Camp on the trails of Mt. Bachelor has come to an end. With it, so has the last day of groomed skiing here in Bend. Putting on the camp was a bit of work, but the skiers, from young to old, were super stoked so this made it all worth it.

Annika and a big crew from one of my old haunts, the big city streets of Salt Lake City, came out west for the camp. If you knew that some of the U.S.'s best up and coming nordic skiers might come from the downtown SLC West High School you too might be impressed.

The campers posing with the alpine slopes of Mt. Bachelor as a backdrop. Finally, the warm sunny days of summer seem to making more than just a cameo appearance out here in the west.

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