Monday, September 9, 2013

Death Valley Race Article: For the Hell of it

"You can't see anything from a car. You've got to crawl, on hand and knees, over the sandstone and through the thornbush and cactus. When traces of blood begin to mark you trail, you'll see something maybe," begins the latest article by my old roommate and college running teammate Colby Frazier.

Vintage photo from the cheap seats of Cal-Berkeley's football stadium, aka Tightwad Hill.

"How far to the main road?" The article continues.

"Careless worlds. A multitude of implications. A lot to contemplate out here in the middle of Death Valley. I spit, wipe the stinging sweat from my eyes and run on, upward toward the summit, into a naked blue sky that cares little for answers."

 Colby's latest article just made it from print to digital with Trail Runner Magazine. If you want to read a little more, you can check out the article here.

A photo from For the Hell of it.

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