Sunday, June 3, 2012

Inspiration. Drive. Motivation.

Writing a three-part article for, I came across this from a notebook of Greg Lemond's. Talk about setting some no-hold's barred goals. The man definitely had something going on! It's pretty amazing to get a glimpse like this into America's first Tour de France champ.
Last Memorial Day I rolled out of Salt Lake and headed back to Washington State for a 4,000 person multisport race by the name of Ski2Sea. The race starts on the slopes of Mt. Baker. 93 miles later, it finishes on Bellingham's waterfront. My job was to run up Mt. Baker in my alpine gear, then ski down. My team had two other Olympians, both gold medalists. We won.
This weekend, I also ran in a little 5km. Last year I couldn't run until August. This year, I haven't been running much. So to jog away from the field and comfortably run 16:13 so early in the training year makes me think I'm going in a good way. Next week, it's off to Central Oregon. I stole this picture from my former roommate in Bend, the triathlete Matt Lieto. Yeah, I think they'll have enough snow for me there in the Cascades...

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