Sunday, October 16, 2011

Life at the Dachstein

You know how people talk about where they work? Well, not too many places can compare to the last days at the Dachstein. Might have something to do with snow, sun, and the place being a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, a place 'forming the cultural and natural heritage of the world.'

The Austrian Alps are pretty crazy. Ramsau as a ski destination ranks at the top of my list. Now getting up in the morning and hopping on the 7:50 gondola that carries me to 2,700 meters to ski on the Dachstein glacier only confirms this.

I'm here with Team Sjusjoen. The vibe with the group is ideal. Everyday and every workout has a purpose and we're doing some real good work. At the same time, the mood and mileau is relaxed, encouraging, and really loving the opportunity we have here in Ramsau am Dachstein.

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