Friday, August 5, 2011

High in the Canadian Rockies

After a couple months of building websites and battling out ethical debates in the classroom with my Westminster classmates, the time finally came to make a ski pilgrimage up north with Leif Z, Bettina and a whole crew of Bozeman skiers. My first time heading to Canmore, Alberta was also my first ever NorAm race series. Since then, I've been back three times for World Cup comps. Every time, the trails and town has treated me well. Now, it's pretty special to spend a couple weeks in the less-snowy months and get to know the mountains, the trails and the town a little bit better.

After a four hour run up, over and around Sentinel Pass, the icy cool waters of Lake Louise were a perfect way to end the morning session. More than a couple tourists visiting the environs couldn't believe a crew of us would soak our bodies in the frigid waters for a quarter-hour.

At the top of Sentinel Pass, Bettina decided to try her best imitation of the white tailed ptarmigan flying over the mountain meadows.

Losing the arm brace has allowed me to get back into the running groove as well. It feels good to move via foot... and via rollerskis again.

Until the next time. +

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