Saturday, February 26, 2011

Scenes from the Road: Oslo, Norway Edition

My sister Kari dances with the statues in Oslo's Vigeland Park. The park takes its name from Gustav Vigeland, who put in a couple decades making the 180 statues that fill the place. Interestingly, all the creations are naked, save for Gustav's image of himself, which is fully-clothed. In the winter's white with the flowers are far from being in full bloom the park feels stark, but still quite beautiful in it's own right.

The first nights in Norway's capital were marked by incredible cold, high pressure weather, complete with clear nights and both the sun and the moon making appearances throughout the day.

Now the city is cloaked in an impressive cloak of fog. The trees and shrubs are all painted in a wind-blown white, and the snow's gotten both warmer and greasier. This photo comes from a hall of the triple-decker corrugated steel containers the Americans and Italians are waxing out of.

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