Saturday, September 20, 2008

Grade School Days - The 5th grade life

Carlos L. shows off his graceful, if unorthodox, jumping skills in the fifth grade Have-A-Healthy Heart obstacle course. Finding what motivates kids is pretty cool. This afternoon's exercise program started by running around the schoolyard two times. Twenty-two of twenty-five kids walked most of their way around. Then we set up an obstacle course, complete with hurdle sections, slalom style cones to race around and upper body strengthening stations like push-ups and pull-ups. In tweaking the challenge, the grade schoolers responded. Effort and intensity skyrocketed. The kids - all of them - couldn't get enough.

Clowning around with Mr. Peck's 5th graders for a yearbook photo, sporting the ITA colors. The ITA founders are onto something. Kids love feeling part of a team. Especially a team where everyone gets free matching t-shirts. Within the first minutes of joining the class its apparent these kids have some serious passion and energy for.. for.. whatever happens to be catching their attention that minute.

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